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Bridal Jewellery

Feminique pendants with interchangeable stones make ideal bridal jewellery for both the bride and bridemaids.

for the bride…Alicia on her wedding day

You can wear your pendant on your special day with a beautiful white or coloured glass, clear or crystal stone then after your special day change the stone to match your pendant to other outfits. I'm sure you will agree that most traditional bridal jewellery rarely gets worn again after the wedding day... not so with Feminique jewellery!!

Every pendant is a one-of-a-kind so you know you’re wearing something truly unique on your wedding day.

for the bridesmaids…

Mardi's bridesmaidsYour bridesmaids will look gorgeous wearing co-ordinated pendants to match their dresses. They can all wear slightly different designs to define their individuality and in the same range as the bride's... (but slightly less stunning of course!!! )

Feminique pendant sets make the perfect bridesmaids gifts - they are practical, unique and affordable!  


Mardi with her bridesmaids  Alicia with her bridesmaids