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Ranges of Stones for Jewellery with Interchangeable Stones

Interchangeable square glass stones



20mm glass square stones



Interchangeable semi-precious gemstones







African opal stones RoundAfrican opal gemstones in 30mm round, large oval stones and small oval.






Please note that I have the majority of the above stones specially made for my jewellery with interchangeable stones. Each jewellery piece is made around a stone and all stones are custom fitted when completed to ensure a perfect fit. Therefore it is not recommended you buy one of my pieces intending to use your own stones in it as it may result in the stones falling out or the jewellery being bent out of shape. 

Please also note that each range of stone is a unique size so you can not mix and match in the one pendant cage.

Pendants with interchangeable round glass sto es are available at the markets but haven't made it to this website yet :)